Specialized for Schools & Workplace Bullying


For Schools


  •  Consultation with teachers and/or administrators regarding systemic, classroom or individual child issues
  • In-services regarding professional conduct with children, boundaries (staff to student, staff to staff and/or administration to staff), specific child diagnoses, warning signs for future problematic behaviors warranting early intervention, etc.
  • Strategies for identifying and interrupting bullying utilizing my Watch O.U.T for Bullying school based violence intervention program
  • Techniques for managing behavioral problems
  • Administrative supervision to enhance collegial effectiveness
  • Individual classroom observation/consulting with direct individual feedback
  • Assessment and strategies regarding IEP implementation
  • Individual or family therapy for students who are struggling academically, emotionally and/or behaviorally

Workplace Bullying



  • Increased understanding of prevalence and extensive costs of workplace bullying
  • Learn about a proposed training module to “bully-proof” a workplace
  • Understand the difference between harassment & bullying in the workplace
  • Identify what the legal issues are as well as the active legislation regarding workplace bullying
  • Training on the T.H.I.N.K method to decrease bullying in the workplace developed by Kimberly Lemke, Psy.D. & Laura Adams LCSW, CEAP. Steps include: Organizational Assessment, “T.H.I.N.K. About Bullying”, “T.H.I.N.K. About Management”, Teambuilding, EAP Support & Management and EAP Intervention