Media Links


Below are links to some of Dr. Lemke's media appearances from television, web, print, radio etc.


·          “The Parental Pitcher and Wellness: Exploring how and what fills it: Moving Forward: Wellness One Step at a Time: With Host Dr. Serena Wadhwa:

··       “Exploring the World of ‘My Parents’ Rules” interview and article written by Alan P. Henry with The Northbrook Star:

·         “Let’s Talk Parenting!” Live interview with Parent Nation:·         “What Makes Us Tick? “Successful Living with Bill Knapik: Listen to Dr. Lemke on the topic of:  or

·         “Developing Young Girls Into Virtuous Young Women”

·          “How to Be the Parent You Have Always Wanted to Be.” Live interview at Via Times Studio: 

·         Parents Magazine: “Potty Training without Diapers” by Leslie Garisto.  Soon to be released·         “I Just Don’t Get My Parents’ Rules! (Book discussion) and Parenting Advice:  Studio interview in Michigan with producer and host Steven Hill  and

“The Be-Fours of Bullying: The Four Critical Things You Need to Teach Your Four Year Old BEFORE They Are Bullied”:  Airing Live on Fox News in Baltimore, July 22nd at 8:00 EST.