I Just Don't Get My Parents' Rules! is available now at a discounted price through the website www.myparentsrules.com! It is also available at Author House, Amazon, Barnes & Noble & more!


I Just Don’t Get My Parents’ Rules! transports parents and children into the world of parents’ rules. This book is written for parents who understand the importance of setting rules at home and who are looking for an imaginative, enjoyable way to explain this topic to their child. Readers take a journey with a boy as he explores his feelings about his parents’ rules. Along the way, he imagines lif...e without those horrible rules. Although he is momentarily caught up in the euphoria and amusement of the possibilities, he soon realizes that a house without rules might not be as fantastic as he imagined. The boy acknowledges his anger at the rules and shares fun, practical, and effective strategies for managing his feelings. I Just Don’t Get My Parents’ Rules! This book is a valuable resource for parents and their children as well as for nannies, grandparents, teachers, and any other caregiver who wants to encourage the emotional growth of a child.